Our Services

“We get on with it”

‘The only thing we do is recruit and we do that exceptionally well’

As you might expect from a leading Recruitment firm, we have a dynamic approach to achieving results.

That is because we employ some of the best people in their fields, covering every aspect of recruitment.  Our consulting staff are highly qualified professionals with over 123 years of combined staffing experience.

Temporary Staff

Inter Staffing Services provides you with the most convenient and cost effective temporary placement service.  When required we can have a Temporary at your workplace within one hour of your call.  

Our competitive hourly rates include staff salary, Federal and State taxes, worker’s compensation, superannuation and administration costs.  Temporaries allow a flexible workforce where you only pay for hours worked.

You can be assured that all Inter Staffing Services Temporaries have been thoroughly tested, using an exclusive electronic system, interviewed and reference checked before we send them on any assignment.  We guarantee all our temporary placements.

Temporary staff are the answer to maintaining and improving the level of productivity within your organization.  Temporaries can cover staff shortages due to absenteeism and offer a viable solution to increased workloads, special projects and alleviating any excess work.

Permanent Staff

Inter Staffing Services provides a quality permanent placement service, in accordance with your company’s needs.  The process of today’s recruiting is both costly, time consuming and requires special expertise.  Letting us take care of your recruitment allows you to attend to your business.

At Inter Staffing Services, we begin with a personal visit.  This is vital for us to know precisely what you expect from our service and the type of person best suited to your company.  We need to fully understand your company’s work environment, the caliber of existing staff, your organization’s culture and in particular, how we can best work with you.

All candidates for the position will be tested, interviewed, reference checked and assessed for suitability.  Upon completion of this process, you will be presented with only the best available candidates in the marketplace.

A follow up service is then maintained with both the client and candidate to ensure complete satisfaction.

Contract Employment

Inter Staffing Services provides a quality contract recruitment service that will meet the staffing flexibility your company may need.

Inter Staffing Services understands that companies have many and varied requirements.  It may be a requirement for a Human Resource Professional for one year or a Credit Collection Specialist for three months.  When your need is for employment with a fixed duration, Inter Staffing Services is able to offer highly qualified contract staff.

All candidates referred for contract positions will be interviewed, tested, fully assessed for suitability to your organization, and reference checked.  Only those candidates who meet these criteria and are suitable for contract work will be referred to you.